Discover The Universal Velocity Cartridge Technology

Over the last fifteen years, we have diligently listened to our customer’s feedback, channeling these inputs into continuous efforts to develop the best technology-driven water conservation products that elevate product functionality and minimize maintenance.  We are proud to announce that the latest product in our cartridge innovation journey, the Universal Velocity Cartridge, is now flowing into international markets with vertical drain lines.

The new Universal Velocity Cartridge provides all the same maintenance and conservation benefits of our Horizontal Velocity Cartridge, but now accommodates both our horizontal and vertical housings. Saving the environment while simplifying plumbing needs has never been this easy.


1. Keeps Pipes and Housing Cleaner

The purpose of the new Universal Velocity cartridge is to make maintenance easier and more hygienic for our customers. Our patent-pending anti splash pour spout utilizes speed and directional flow to streamline urine through our housing and your buildings’ pipes; helping to effectively eliminate the mess and build up associated with our older technology and any of our competitor’s cartridges.

2. Reduces Restroom Odor

While using a restroom, the last thing anybody wants to experience is odor. At Falcon, we believe that the end user experience is important. This is why our new Universal Velocity cartridge helps your restroom to be virtually odor-free. 

3. Retains Sealant Better

The days of worrying about your sealant barrier are over. Even under the most challenging maintenance practices, such as bucket dumping, the Universal Velocity cartridge new interior baffle retains its sealant barrier. In fact, we suggest you to bucket dump at least once a week to help wash out your pipes.

4. Reduces Splash Back

When using the restroom, you never want a splashback. The Universal Velocity cartridge has a diverter shielded integrated into it that not only minimizes splash back but also prevents debris from entering the cartridge. 

5. Cues you when to replace

The Universal Velocity cartridge includes a blue ring at the entrance of the cartridge providing you with a visual signal that helps you know when it is ready to be changed. At the end of its lifespan, the blue indicator would be more difficult to see due to the rise of liquid levels, cueing maintenance when it’s time for a change.

6. Greener Footprint 

Falcon Waterfree Technologies is committed to changing the world by developing revolutionary sustainable products that conserve Earth’s precious fresh water supply. As a result of our continuous journey to reduce our products environmental footprint, we designed the Universal Velocity Cartridge using 20% less material compared to our previous models.

Join the water conservation revolution and experience our world-class patented technology. The environment and your maintenance staff will thank you!