DOGOODBUSLast Friday was one for the books. It was an unexpected hot summer day in February and we left the office for the day on the Do Good Bus.The event was hosted by local B Corp, Dogeared and we had a blast meeting other B Corps on the bus.

Do Good Bus is a non-profit organization that promises altruistic adventurism by bringing people together to help local causes in a fun and social environment. They round up a group of people and drive them to an unknown location where the goal is to get to know and help a cause. The mystery of the ride makes things fun and avoids any pre-conceived ideas or opinions, allowing volunteers to show up with an open mind. And, most importantly, ready to help!


Our day started at the Dogeared HQ in Culver City, and after a meet and greet – with a tour of their lovely offices – we hopped on the bus and headed to our unknown destination. One thing that was made sure to everyone on the bus was that we were not only allowed to be loud, but encouraged to talk and get to know everyone around us. No sitting next to your co-workers. People were moving around and getting to know everyone around.


After a fun day filled with community and helping other, we left feeling accomplished, informed about the cause’s mission. With our energy and spirits high and so thankful to be a part of this great group of people that make the B Corporations! #BeTheChange

Find our more about the organizations we volunteered for here and here.