ffdcf6da-f743-4abb-944d-81ce092741edTomorrow Falcon will be attending FutureBuild 2015 alongside our partners Delco and the LA Better Buildings Challenge. FutureBuild is an interactive event hosted by the Urban Landscape Institute (ULI), with top thinkers and innovators in business and government. ULI Los Angeles is a member-led organization committed to providing high-quality programs and projects to County’s land use professionals.


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has been invited to give the lunch keynote tomorrow and has described the event as “the preeminent gathering place for the intersection of green jobs, green technology, and green business.” In partnership with VerdeXchange, FutureBuild explores how changes in energy technology and the scarcity of natural resources are shifting the industry – from building systems, to codes and regulations.

Among a few of the trend-setting themes to be addressed at the event will encompass how the new technology pin-points which energies are used and how to maximize efficiency; how smaller commercial buildings are using efficiency to dramatically reduce energy use; the trend in making buildings more profitable by investing in efficient energy and water conservation; sustainability as a corporate strategy; and how new energy codes will dictate the future in urban development.

Technology and innovation is the heart of our company and what propels us forward each day. On account of believing sustainability is a roadmap with no final destination, we are constantly looking to improve and connect with like-minded people. We are thrilled to be able to share our technology at FutureBuild and engage with other members of the green business.