California is where we started and it continues to be the place we call home. Maybe it’s the weather or the breathtaking coast line. Maybe it’s the laid back lifestyle mixed with go-getter personality that reign the streets, or the simple fact that Californians are leaders in conservation. But there is something about the Golden State that makes us jump up and down in excitement. There is a passion that propels us to protect what is ours, and California is just that.

With the desire to help save water, natural resources and make conservation a California way of life, we initiated the #CAShutTheFlushUp Campaign. In conjunction with local municipalities, such as the LADWP, we will be advocating conservation initiatives and helping business owners all over the state to save water.

boardWe would love you to join us and check out our Instagram and Twitter page! Soon we will be debuting a microsite where you will able to find all rebates available and easy steps to take towards saving water.