As we mentioned back in December, ISH has been on our radar for a while and we are excited to be apart of the tradeshow this upcoming March.

After improving and optimizing our old designs and developing better user experience with the new Velocity, we are introducing a new approach to waterfree at the ISH tradeshow this year. The Falcon Hybrid Urinal has the best of both worlds: a system that utilizes breakthrough flushing technology that leverages the benefits of our Velocity cartridge technology, giving pipes a weekly powerful one gallon surge while helping to reduce odor and make maintenance easy. There has to be a balance between water efficiency and proper system function, and we have the solution.

It is well known, proven and confirmed by research that just a trickle of water running through the drainage system is not sufficient enough to carry away solids to the point of disposal. This is where the Falcon Hybrid technology comes in as the best urinal solution in terms of functionality and conservation. The innovation enables optimization in carrying waste into the drainage system without the use of water for flushing; still performing an automatic drain‐cleansing action after a predetermined amount of time. The urinal introduces 4 liters (1-gal.) of water to the exit of the water-free trap cartridge every week. No matter how many users, annual volume of water is locked. In this latest Falcon innovation, we utilize the line carry benefits of a flushing urinal and marry it with the hygiene and maintenance benefits of waterfree.