A year ago, this blog was a simple idea scribbled on several pieces of paper scattered throughout our office. We wanted to tell our story, so we set out on a journey to create a conversation and to connect with like-minded people like you. What a journey it has been! Between new product development, website launch and everything else, we’ve kept ourselves busy and were able to accomplish pretty cool things!

To wrap this year up with a big bright Christmas bow, we rounded up a few blog posts to illustrate the great year we’ve had (clink on links if you care to read):

1) Where it all started.

2) We interviewed a few pretty great people in the industry, including John Smith from Green Plumbers and Jocelyn Corbett from B Lab.

3) And partner with LADWP with an awesome rebate program.

4) We launched our new technology-filled cartridge – The Velocity – and a brand new website with a new brand identity.

6) Attended the GreenBuild Expo 2014 and made a difference in the plumbing industry.

Cheers, and thanks for reading along!