SCU Solar Decathlon Team 2013 funny

In June of 2010 Santa Clara University’s Paul L. Locatelli building received the LEED Gold Certificate. The structure was created as a center for student groups and activities, housing large multipurpose rooms and was named in honor of the longest serving university president. While this building stands as only one on campus, it is a symbol of SCU’s sustainability efforts that unfolds through every structure and student at the university. From campus operations to wellbeing and social commitments, Santa Clara is definitely holding high conservation standards. The Center for Sustainability is the focal point for Santa Clara University’s Justice and Sustainability Strategic Priority and contributes to creating a more just, humane, and sustainable world. Water conservation plays a major part of the initiative and is present throughout campus with water bottles filing stations, grey water recycling systems and waterfree urinals installed all over campus.

Santa Clara believes in helping advance academic and public understanding of ways in that sustainability can be present in our everyday life. They focus on researching the newest technologies available in the market and have integrated waterfree urinal testings stations into their water conservation project. The University has dedicated a number of restrooms for research with each one equipped with clear piping and a designated space in between the walls. This set up facilitates the viewing of the purging process, making it easier to analyze and study how innovation may effect the waterfree technology.

SCU utilizes their campus as a living lab for developing global solutions by providing sustainable-related research. We are proud to be working close to them and continue to develop the waterfree technology.