To celebrate Greenbuild Expo NOLA 2014, our partner Sloan Valve held a contest with local New Orleans artists to decorate our urinals. There were many incredible designs, however these were the winners:


Lance Vargas is the owner of Leveeland Creations where the art is mostly created using found wood and objects around New Orleans, Louisiana. Plywood, picture frames, macine parts and other salvaged items make up the art. Much of the wood comes from gutted houses around New Orleans and from the great work of The Green Project and Habitat Restore. More info: 


Jason Cummings has lived in different cities in the Southeastern United States during his adult life and now resides in New Orleans, LA. Currently he is a full-time artist and can usually be found at Jackson Square in the New Orleans French Quarter on weekends and during special events. It is his varied experience in career, residence, and natural creativity that allows him to create such unique works of art today. More info:


Jeremy Hebert was born in Hahnville, Louisiana and is a self taught professional artist. Jeremy creates Pop Art and specializes in spray paint. He has been displaying his art on Jackson Square since 2002. More info:


C.C. Miranda attended duCret School of Art in Plainfield, NJ where she trained intensively on a variety of art styles. She moved to New Orleans in order to immerse in the city’s vibrant artistic culture and has been an active artist since 2000. More info: