To wrap up our Latin America/Mexico week we decided to round up a few B Corporations located in the region.

1. ES Global is an international corporate social responsibility and sustainability consulting firm specializing in transitional, emerging and developing countries (TED). They are driven by a passionate commitment to helping clients achieve profitable and sustainable businesses. ES Global’s approach is simple: they offer a Total Customer Solution with fully customized services that suit every one of their clients.

2. Echale a Tu Casa is a social housing production company that delivers affordable homes to communities through the implementation of innovations in construction, technology and finance. Echale a Tu Casa’s model aims to restructure community social networking and cure the flaws inherent in the self-building process through four pillars: Organization and Social Inclusion, Financial Education and access to Social Finance Trust, Training and Technology Appropriation, and Program replication through Social Impact Franchise.

3. Lindes is a company engaged on improving life quality and energy saving, through their insulated glass units (IG), Thermak. They believe that business should go beyond profits, and want Lindes to transcend throughout activities, achievements, staff and their community.

Read more about B Corps here and search your location and see what companies around you are using the power of business to create public benefit.