Greater Mexico City has more than 19 million inhabitants and it faces enormous water challenges. Even though parts of Northern Mexico are arid, the country receives an average of 30 inches of precipitation a year. This is a considerable amount – more than the US or Canada – however, 73% of Mexico’s rainfall evaporates leaving little to recharge subterranean aquifers. Given the size and political importance, it come with no surprise that water management in Mexico City is an extremely important element.

There are many government initiatives, such as the Water Sustainability Program launched in 2007 and the Green Plan – in which water conservation is a main element. The challenges Mexico faces include groundwater overexploitation, land subsidence, risk of flooding, poor water quality, inefficient water use, and wastewater treatment. These are important aspects of Mexico’s water management system and they play a major role when it comes to government investments.

With tthat said, we are excited to be able to bring our Velocity cartridge to Mexico and be a part of their sustainability initiatives. Water management depends in a lot more than just efficiency of use, and we are just one piece of this complicated puzzle. However, if we are all in it together and are in it to win, challenges lead to innovation and that is when great things happens!