Last month we were featured on as part of an article where top leaders revealed the secrets to sustainable sales growth. In the article, Larry Miller talks about how businesses can become irresistible to prospective customers and going green was on the list!

“Go Green.  A green upgrade to a well-known product can become a major force for sales growth. Consider the urinal. Adding up the costs of plumbing, installation, water usage, and maintenance, the old urinal is quite expensive, not to mention environmentally unfriendly. Falcon Waterfree Technologies is changing all that with a waterless version that pays for itself in about nine months. CEO Simon Davis reports, “Falcon Waterfree Technologies has saved 20 billion gallons of water over the last ten years.” By my calculations, that’s enough H2O to fill 1,000,000 swimming pools. “And our product offers better hygiene because there’s no flush handle to touch,” adds Davis. Falcon has used the benefits of cost-effectiveness, cleanliness, ease of installation, and greenness to place more than 400,000 units worldwide—distributed through Sloan Valve Company.”

Exciting stuff! Read the full article here.

P.S: Next week we will be covering the Snowpack issue and ski resorts that are committed to improving environmental performance in all aspects of their operations. So check back in on Monday for a kick-start on ski season.