Here at Falcon, we believe that it is crucial to establish a sustainability mindset within our industry. In order to do so, our initiatives must extend beyond the ingrained conservation principles of our products. While Falcon products save water, it is also crucial that daily operational practices and processes should exercise the same environmentally friendly principles as the products that are produced. Therefore, Falcon is continually looking to innovate and elevate current product offerings to meet customer and ecological demands, reevaluating the operational practices of supplier companies and investigating and identifying opportunities for improvement within their own company.

With that in mind, we developed the new Velocity with a smaller footprint. The cartridge uses 20% less plastic than previous models, making it even more environmentally friendly.

Sustainability is a roadmap with no final destination, as there is always room for improvement and bettering.  We know that there is still a road ahead when it comes to investigation into limiting product footprint and recycling the plastic material used to create our cartridges, however the first step has been taken and we are continually identifying opportunities and pressing forward with the vision of creating the most user and earth friendly restroom solution.