A few weeks ago our Spotlight series covered the fact that  the Velocity cartridge provides an airtight barrier between urine and the restroom, an important and distinguishing feature that can make the restroom experience much more user-friendly.  The key to our success in odor reduction is in our patent protected reduction in cartridge surface area combined with our dual barrier liquid sealant.


In old cartridge technology there was a cavity where odor could accumulate over time, this accumulation could lead to off-gassing, creating an unpleasant experience for the user. As liquids pass through, the cartridge works to filter and collect uric sediment that could otherwise end up in your drain. However, in older cartridge technology when urine is passing through the cartridge, odor could accumulate in the cavity. Our new technology in the Velocity cartridge removed the internal cavity and made it external.  This reduced the surface area and eliminates the space for bacteria growth, helping to keep your restroom more odor-free. And just like that there is no extra space for odor to build up, vastly improving the end user experience.

Check out the video below to see how the reduced surface area makes a difference in how the Velocity works.