We are very excited to announce that the brand new Falcon Waterfree Technologies website is live!  We have been busy making improvements to the site based on feedback we received from distributors, customers, and our employees. We have been working to make it easier to navigate and to show you more of what we have to offer.

Not only does our new website help you get to product information easier and with less clicks, but it also tells our story and what makes our products the blueprint to a greener restroom. This is the new Falcon, the launch of our new brand. Where what drives us, sustainability, innovation, and hygiene are the main focus.


On the website you will be able to find how our cartridges save water, the improvements have been made to our technology to create a clean restroom, and how sustainability is the heart and soul of Falcon!

We are very excited about the new face of Falcon and we hope that you will be too. Don’t forget to check out the new site and start exploring all the new features. Happy clicking!