Today we are proud to turn our SPOTLIGHT Series to our new Velocity Cartridge. Throughout the month of September, we will be using the SPOTLIGHT Series to highlight the new Velocity Cartridge’s features that have been developed to specifically address past concerns with waterfree technology.

Everyone knows that splash is bad for our end users, but did you know that backsplash is just as bad inside the pipes as it is for those relieving themselves?  Urine is a concentrated liquid and as it is splashed into the housing and down the pipes the tiny solid sediments present in the urine are knocked out.  This is what causes soft build-up formation which can cause odor.  Our new patent-pending anti-splash pour spout utilizes Bernoulli’s Principle of Fluid Dynamics to concentrate and speed up urine flow, directing it from the cartridge to smoothly shoot down your pipes.  Thus, significantly reducing splash in the system and the build-up that accumulates as splash occurs.

Our cartridge provides an airtight barrier between the urine and the restroom, and as liquids pass through, the cartridge works to filter and collect urine sediments that would otherwise end up in your drain line. As our cartridge’s internal components filter out sediment, our anti-splash pour spout utilizes speed and direction to streamline urine through your pipes helping keep the housing and pipes cleaner.

Older cartridge and competitor cartridge technologies dumps urine into the housing without any directive flow.  This backsplash knocks the solid sediments present out and leads to build-up in the housing and further down the pipes.


The Velocity’s pour spout redirects the liquids straight through the pipes avoiding much of the contact with the housing while creating speed and direction, helping to keep your drain line cleaner and easier to maintain.