The day has come to debut our brand new technology packed cartridge:  the Velocity! After months of hard work, the Velocity will be available to the North American market soon.

After listening and acknowledging aspects of our old technology could use a bit of improvement, we set off on the mission to improve our cartridge.  In order to fully explain the changes that have been made let’s take a look back and see the evolution of our cartridge…



Released in 2000, the C1M1 was our original cartridge, followed by the C1M2, in 2005. In the earlier days of waterfree, Falcon faced some tough feedback and critique related to excess splash and odor. This feedback directly factored into the design changes included in our next cartridge, the C1M2+.  This new technology ensured a dramatic reduction in odor as well as better sealant retention under rigorous maintenance practices. However, there is always room for improvement and we were up for the challenge. After months of hard work put towards product development, we are proud to bring to you the Velocity cartridge.


Our commitment to constantly improve waterfree technology has pushed us to create a cartridge with a smaller footprint that not only helps make maintenance easier, but also improves end user experience. With features such as the new anti splash pour spout that helps ensure cleaner pipes and housing, to the indicator that provides a visual cue to assess whether it is time for a change cartridge- we have tackled shortfalls of the old designs that will surely make a huge difference!

Technology is the heart of our company and what propels us forward. We are here, not only to be the experts in waterless urinals, but to initiate a change. A change where we acknowledge the world’s increasing water crises and pledge to help create solutions that reduce water usage on a daily basis.