When talking about conscious business  it’s often true that sometimes you can be misguided by what you see on the outside of an organization. Whether they are selling a green product does not  necessary mean that they have a sustainable operation system implemented. We are all aware that a corporation has one core obligation that is to make money, however some companies are changing the way they look at business and are promising to create not only profit but also a tangible benefit to society and the environment. Nevertheless, with so many companies out there claiming to be green, how do we tell the difference and know what is the real thing? This is when B Lab comes into the picture. They are the non-profit that does the measuring and grants the B Corporation certificate. Just like a LEED certificate is granted to a green building based on certain standards, a B Corp certificate is given to a company that has gone through a strict evaluation process.

Being a B Corp goes beyond the exterior image and into the details of how the business is run. Doing good must go beyond simply saving water and greenhouse emissions.  It must extend further than products, and must be embedded in daily operational practices as well as our involvement with the broader community. It’s when we marry the power of business with the purpose of civil society. Doing good while making profit and taking into consideration what surrounds us. All B corps are passionate about what they do. For us it has helped us unite with like-minded companies that share the same ethical vision to help improve the world we all live in.

Sustainability is a roadmap with no final destination, as there is always room for improvement. We believe that our journey has just begun, and we have so much to look forward to in the near future.  Whether it is investment in local communities, the promotion of environmental conservation, or supplying employees with an opportunity for growth in a supportive environment.  We at Falcon, are continually trying to identify, simplify and enact the endless opportunities around us.

Here a 5 essential elements of a great B Corp story created by Thinkshift, in case you too want to be a part of this incredible community. Or just for the curious. Either way, enjoy!

B corp Essential elements v5AP.S: This TED talk  with the co-founder of B Lab is pretty great! You can also keep yp to date with what is going on in the B Corp community by following our People Before Profit online magazine.