Have you heard of Lawn Dude? He’s actually not a dude, but he definitely has a drinking problem. The Lawn Dude is the new mascot for water conservation created from a partnership between the Southern California Water Committee and Clear Channel Outdoor. After a long four year drought, conservation advocates have come together to create this campaign to persuade Southern Californian residents to preserve water. The character has an obvious drinking problem and is a  recovering “wateraholic.” According to his Twitter profile, he still indulges in the wet stuff but only two times a week – he states this while holding a daisy garnish martini glass! You can also see him putting his hands up and yelling “Don’t hose me, man” as a garden hose threatens him. Pretty nifty stuff.


LAWN-DUDE-2We already love Lawn Dude, but beyond that, are excited about the fact that he is a character that people can connect with and that he has the ability to go places, say things, do things, that other people just can’t get away with.  He is laid back, will say what he needs to say in order to get attention and will definitely make you smile when you read what he has to say. This sure is a great way to catch our attention and make us think more about our water habits!

“The Southern California Water Committee and Clear Channel are stepping up to spread the word about conservation, with an emphasis on cutting back on outdoor water use during this hottest time of the year,” said Jeffrey Kightlinger, general manager of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

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