Last week we were on the Green Sports bandwagon here on the blog, however with exciting news arising from the Green Sport Summit this past Monday, it only seemed fitting to continue with the theme.

On July 21st, the NHL kicked off the Green Sport Summit with the release of a sustainability report, the first document of its kind in the League. This report highlights the numerous programs, benchmarks, and successes that have increased the overall sustainability of the National Hockey League.

At first glance, you may not notice the huge importance of water to hockey. Nevertheless, water and nature is something that is ingrained in the sport and as NHL commissioner Gary Bettman states, “our sport can trace it’s roots to frozen freshwater ponds and to cold climates. A major climate change and water scarcity affect opportunities for hockey players of all ages to learn and play the game outdoor.”


With that said, water conservation is one of the main messages in the sustainability report. The NHL estimates that the water use of the clubs in the League can add up to a little bit over 321 million gallons per year. This piece of information has help develop a water management plan, which includes retrofitting restroom fixtures for more efficient ones, utilizing recycled wastewater and rainwater harvesting systems. Some initiatives have yet to be implemented, however they are all included in NHL’s overall water conservation strategies.

“At the NHL, we recognize that we have a great responsibility for the way we conduct business, and we are uniquely positioned to promote the environmental message.” Gary Bettman.

We are extremely excited for this new addition to the Green Sports movement!

To read the Green Sports Alliance release on the subject click here.