Welcome back! It is time for our Spotlight series. This space is reserved for highlighting all the great things our partners and customers are accomplishing worldwide.  These companies, institutions and venues are as much a part of Falcon’s journey to conserve, as our employees.  Let’s get right to it, shall we?


Santa Clara University is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and is the oldest operating institution of higher education in the state of California. They are known for their commitment to the environment and leadership in developing a more sustainable way of living. In order to implement changes, the University created the “Mission Sustainability”, where students are involved in daily sustainable activities and where these initiatives are integrated unto the curriculum as a part of the educating program. According to the Lindsey Kalkbrenner, Director of the Center for Sustainability, Santa Clara University doesn’t have to consider the most sustainable option when they are designing a building. It is the only option for them. Integrating sustainable practices into the daily administration and operation of the University is a priority for the school and, not only has it given them savings in energy and water, but also in dollars.

At Santa Clara, sustainability is definitely something that is ingrained in the everyday life! They have incorporated solar panels to many of their buildings; installed low flow toilets and shower heads, waterless urinals, and windows with sensors that allow the air conditioning to work more efficiently. They also have a few other outside features such as bio soils that facilitate a natural water filtration system and recycled water irrigation system.

The University certainly goes above and beyond when it comes to it’s Energy Conservation initiative and have been an extraordinary partner. Not only have they embraced our product, but they have helped us understand what can be done to better it. With extensive field tests taken place on campus, we were able to understand how waterfree can be integrated into an environment such as this and how it will affect a water efficiency project.

Thank you Santa Clara for being such an incredible partner and for facilitating such a successful initiative!

For more information on the subject go to SCU’s YouTube channel. You can also follow the sustainability Instagram and Twitter account.