Welcome back! It is time for our Spotlight series.  This space is reserved for highlighting all the great things our partners and customers are accomplishing worldwide. Being an International Company often comes with a lot of challenges. Differences in climate, culture, and political standpoints can stir away any initiative if not well addressed. In order to make a difference, we have to constantly ask questions and understand what a distinct territory and culture will entail when addressing water conservation.

With that said, not only are our distributors super important to our journey, but the Falcon International Family is ever so crucial as well. For that reason today, our spotlight will turn to Falcon’s European office. We are pleased to introduce you to Francisco Vilagut.


Let’s start with a small introduction. What is exactly your roll at Falcon and how did you get to where you are now?

I joined Falcon in 2005 and have taken the roll as Vice President of Global Sales. In this position, I am responsible for all areas of Falcon’s operations in Europe, Africa, and India. My role at Falcon extends all the way from sales, to market expansion, as well as introducing our products to new untapped markets.

Prior to joining Falcon, I held the position of President and General Manager of American Standard Iberica, a leading manufacturer of bathroom fixtures and faucets in Spain. My efforts provided ways to elevate myself and my profession within the plumbing industry and earned me the the experience to tackle the waterless urinal market.

Is water conservation an important issue in your region? 

Being that I am responsible for several different territories, it can be challenging to pin point a common water demand for all countries. Nevertheless, water continues to be an important matter around the world and varies according to  supply and demand of water in the region.

How does our product help you address your customer’s needs?

Some customers come to me looking for water savings, however some aren’t interested in the conservation aspect and are focused on acquiring a product that will provide them a clean restroom. Even so, Falcon covers both in that it is the blueprint to a greener and cleaner restroom.

Are there any sustainable initiatives in your region?

Even though we have plenty of partnerships in Europe, we do not have any rebate programs (such as the LADWP) available. That being said, we have chosen to focus our attention on understanding the ever shifting landscape of sustainable building requirements.  For example, in Europe legislation is starting to lean toward requiring Life Cycle Analysis of all building products as well as national standards for three dimensional architecture documents.  It is our job to stay ahead of the game on these and assert ourselves as the industry leader.

Waterless urinals have been around the market for at least 10 years now. How do you think the industry has changed in your region and what improvements have occurred? 

The first waterless urinals were launched in Europe and because of such, has allowed the technology to make huge improvements. Even though we suffer from a large and diverse offering of different waterfree cartridge systems offered by a multitude of companies, the dry- or mechanical- system is still viewed as a cutting-edge technology in EU.