For the past few months, we at Falcon have been working alongside our partner Sloan and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to help introduce water efficient products into homes and businesses. We know that when thinking water savings most people prefer the simple act of reducing or restricting water usage with daily changes. However, retrofitting still is the best long term option. Even though studies show that the most effective strategy is the latter, we know that replacing your already functioning toilet or urinal can have a hefty price tag. This is when the rebate program comes into place. The LADWP is offering residential and commercial opportunities to receive up to $500 to replace your toilet/urinal for a low flush/waterfree fixture.

If you have been reading since day 1 of the Falcon Blog (if not read first and second blog post here and here), you already know that water conservation is the root of our technology and all our endeavors. Sustainability is ingrained in our mission and we are constantly on the lookout for new ways to be able to participate in this journey. Local community is one very important factor for us. We believe that in order to accomplish our long term goals, we need to start local. Initiate a discussion and create opportunities in our home town. We care about the community we live in, and strive for a greener LA.

We would not be able to accomplish this without our partner Sloan and without sustainable initiatives such as the LA Green Business, the USGBC LA chapter, and the Better Building Challenge, as well as the LADWP. This is important in order for us to not only achieve our goals but be able to continue to act as a sustainable and responsible business.

To read more about our partnership with the LA Better Building Challenge click here.