amsterdam_reflections_by_matthias_haker-d6tz532Amsterdam is well known for being eccentric and for doing things a little bit different than the rest of the world. Therefore, it’s no surprise that when it comes to sustainability the city is proceeding in a very unique way. Amsterdam’s water treatment company, Waternet, has begun collecting pee from public urinals in order to reutilize it as fertilizer for the green roofs in the city

As unusual as this may seem, it works well for the city. Amsterdam already has a large number of public urinals in use and according the Waternet they are able to process up to 1,000 tons of fertilizer each year. The city’s ultimate goal is to reduce the exploitation of resources needed to maintain the ever so popular green roofs, and urine was a good choice. Not only is it easy to collect and treat, but it contains phosphorus, a mineral that is essential to plant growth and is being depleted from nature (read more on this here and here)

Even though scientist may disagree on this statement, cities around the world are starting to rethink ways of collecting urine and Amsterdam is staying ahead of the curve!

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