Summer is officially here and there is no better way of celebrating the weekend than a day out grilling with friends and family. However,  the chart above makes you think a little when placing that juicy piece of steak on the grill. This will definitely be a challenge for us here at the office, since we sure do love our Friday BBQ’s! On the other hand, since one of our urinals saves enough water per year to produce an average of 30 pieces of steak, I think we are good right? All jokes aside, we hope you have a great weekend!


“All figures shown on this poster are based on exemplary calculations and may vary depending on the origin and production process of the product. The water footprint of a product is the volume of freshwater used to produce the product measured at the place where the product was actually made. It refers to the amount of water used in the various steps of the production chain.

Data: Hoekstra, A.Y.; Chapagain, A.K. (2008) Globalization of Water: Sharing the planets freshwater resources. Blackwell publishing, Oxford, Uk. www.waterfootprint.org”