The Responsible Company is a simple but powerful book about how Patagonia became the successful company it is now. The authors utilize their 40 years of experience working at the company to articulate the elements of a responsible business. As many are aware, Patagonia is known as a cool company and is a leader in sustainable business practices. In a simple and short introduction of why doing right by nature and people matters, the book paints a well-rounded picture of company responsibility. More than just being sustainable, they believe in working hard to create a conscious and cooperative business practice.

The book is filled with success stories, wisdom, and practical steps toward making any company, large or small, more responsible to its employees, its customers, its suppliers, and to nature. One thing the authors make clear is that it’s not just companies who must become responsible; it’s each of us. We also believe this to be true. People are an important part of any company and that is why we feel so strongly about being a B Corp. Working together with the same goal in mind is what drives us.

Now on to our favorite quote from The Responsible Company: “Many companies are doing something to behave more responsibly to the earth and the commons. And every company that learns to take a responsible step without faltering gains confidence to take the next. “Responsible” seems to us the apt, more modest, word to use while we walk the path that, we hope, leads to a place where business takes no more from nature than what it can replace.”