With constant articles regarding the drought, countless discussions on access to clean water, and reoccurring complaints surrounding farmers and the increase prices in produce, it is hard not to be aware of the water issues our planet has been facing. However, there is one aspect that we have yet to talk about and thought it was about time we brought it up.

Have you noticed your water bill going up in the past few years? We sure have! With water shortages, not only do produce prices increase, but so do water rates. If you stop to think about, it makes perfect sense since the drought is still around us and will be for the next few months. That only means one thing: we still need to save water.

The good news here is that state officials have found a way to get people to reduce their water usage, however the bad news is too few are doing so. With that said, they are forced to take a different approach, and a very effective one to say the least: raise water rates. Not the best news for most of us, however maybe this might just be the push some of us needed.



Water rates vary according to the amount of water a State was access to and how much of it is used. Let’s take California for example. The State draws water from multiple sources due to the lack of consistent rainfalls. This can get pretty expensive on its own, now add the water shortage in the mix and you will see the exponential water rate increase. In a sense, steep price hikes will mostly take place in water-scarce areas and the property owners that will feel it the most will be the ones managing commercial and high use buildings. Regardless of the reasons and size of your property, water rate increases have us all feeling squeezed within our budget.

Americans flush 5.7 billion gallons (21.58 billion litres) of clean drinking water down the toilet every day while countries and states face terrible water shortages. Issues like this drive us at Falcon to commit to sustainability in our products and practices in an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint and conserve the planet’s water. But that is only the tip of the iceberg and we can’t do it alone. That is why we created the hashtag #shuttheflushup on Instagram. We wanted to develop an online database of how we help conserve water and have you be able to a part of it as well. Snap a picture showing us how you “Shut the Flush Up” and don’t forget to use the hashtag.