blue-covenantHave you ever been asked what book you are currently reading or if there is any you would suggest? That is definitely a reoccurring question around here, and the reason why we decided to start this series. Here we will be talking about what we are currently reading and give you book suggestions on topics such as water conservation, sustainable companies, and some restroom humor as well! Since we are all for sharing information, if you have any titles you think is awesome and needs to be read, please send it our way! So let’s get right to it, shall we?

Blue Covenant presents a broad, global picture of the current water crisis, and considering the elements at play at the tug-of-war over water.  With the idea that “Water scarcity may be the most underappreciated global environmental challenge of our time” Maude Barlow illustrates the water story and its impact on human and the natural world with passion and clarity. This may seam like a heavy read to feature on a Friday, however it sure caught our attention for a few reasons. Not only does the book touch on government issues, but it also talks about how ordinary people from around the world have joined forces to reclaim the right to clean water. And that to us is a fantastic move! This book has definitely inspired us to look a little deeper and focus on growing as a sustainable company.  The Falcon Family is a group of individuals who came together with one common interest in mind: to help our community and the world we live in. Our values are engraved in what we do everyday and consequently in the outcome of our work.

To end the week on a good note, here is our favorite quote from Blue Covenant: “There are lessons to be learned from water, nature’s gift to humanity, which can teach us how to live in harmony with the earth and in peace with one another. In Africa, they say, ‘We don’t go to water ponds merely to capture water, but because friends and dreams are there to meet us.”