Enough talking about ourselves!  Today we start a series of post we like to call Partner Spotlight.  This space will be reserved for highlighting all the great things our partners are worldwide.  These companies, institutions and venues are as much a part of Falcon’s journey to conserve as our employees.  And now let us introduce you to Acualógica.



Acualógica is located in Costa Rica and was founded in 2009 by Steve Aronson.  Steve wanted his business to not only be profitable, but also to have a positive impact in this beautiful country.  For that reason, Acualógica has developed an environmental project in a holistic manner.  As a non profit they embody Corporate Social Responsibility, as their profits are used to support Proparque’s endeavor in supporting Costa Rican National Parks.  With the help of David Simon, the leader of Acualógica, Costa Rica is on the right path in becoming water neutral, but the task is not an easy one.  Incorporating educational programs for the population is one of the steps David has taken to achieve awareness and create a culture of respect for the water and the environment throughout Costa Rica. Developing such consciousness, community involvement and sponsorships are top priority for David and Acualógica.

On May 13th 2013, a few of our team members flew to Costa Rica to attend the inauguration of the Carara National Park.  It was an extremely exciting experience, given that Carara is the first handicap accessible National Park, and we got to participate in a part of history.  The park is equipped with Braille plaques, life size figures of animals to touch, as well as semi permeable cement pathways for wheelchair accessibility.  Major funding for the park came from the NGO Proparques along with additional funding from approximately 20 companies and personal contributions from Costa Rican citizens.  This was a true testament to Costa Rican’s love for their country and dedication to sustainability!

With the help of Acualógica, we were able to take a step forward towards securing an accessible community for all, while utilizing and promoting sustainability.

We are so very proud to call them a partner and a member of the Falcon community. Want to read more about Carara National Park? You can read more here and here.