Hygiene can be a touchy subject, we know.  Especially, when it comes to waterless.  We are so used to seeing water as a main figure in cleaning that once taken out of the equation, it seems rather strange.  However, water is also a component of maintaining life and like us human beings, bacteria is also dependent on it to survive (read more on this study here). When taking this into consideration, the idea of a clean waterless urinal doesn’t seem that far out.


The main reason hygiene is important to us is due to one simple fact: it is directly integrated with our technology.  Creating a clean bathroom is one of the primary focus when developing the technology that drives our product evolution.  Not only do we strive for a sustainable bathroom, but also for a clean one.  We are aware of the issues surrounding service and maintenance and know that a new thinking is required.

With one goal in mind – making hygiene effortless – innovation has helped us look for improvements in our current cartridge.  We know that users love using waterless for one simple fact: it is touch free!  Even though waterless has come a long way with a decrease in odor, less bacteria count, etc.  it is time to push forward.  Time to extend these benefits to the folks who maintain our products.  Without their support Falcon could not have saved an average of 10 billion gallons of water in the last ten years.

Now that is something that gets us excited!