innovationGIFTalking about innovation can often seem like a challenge in itself.  When immersed in a world where groundbreaking technology constantly surrounds us, it can be easy to overlook and dismiss a product or idea as original. Especially when it relates to our daily routine, commute and social interactions.

When thinking of the word INNOVATION and its definition, the obvious route to take would be along the lines of something revolutionary, ever changing and variable. Not to dismiss all these adjectives, but when we rationalize and discuss our role in innovation, other scenarios come to mind.  Our commitment to improve the Falcon technology is the heart of our company and what drives us on a daily basis. We challenge ourselves to take a look around and listen to what is being said.  We are here, not only to be the technology experts in waterless urinals, but to initiate a change. A change where simplicity and ease of use is the primary focus. Where architects and maintenance see eye to eye. Where, at the end of the day, the only thing that the user has to think about is: it works!

Want a fun and interesting read while on the topic of innovation? Here is an article written by Sree Screenivasan, professor of digital media at Columbia University. The article is about the 20 biggest tech innovations that he actually utilizes. Interesting stuff!