lets be the changeWelcome back!  Today we want to take you into more details regarding our three pillars, as discussed on our previous post.  SUSTAINABILITY would be the first one.

We are a B Corp! And a very proud one to say the least. Water conservation is the root of our technology and all our endeavors.  However, in our opinion, doing good must go beyond simply saving water and greenhouse emissions.  It must extend further than our products, and must be embedded in our daily operational practices as well as our involvement with the broader community.  Becoming a company with sustainability in mind was crucial to pushing us forward on our never ending journey to become the Falcon we strive to be.  For that reason, applying for a B Corporation Certificate was an easy decision (read more about B Corps here) and in October, 2013 we were recognized as one.

B Corp has united us with like-minded companies that share the same ethical vision to help improve the world we all live in.  This community has also provided us with the tools to partner with other local companies, allowing us to volunteer and engage with people around us.

Sustainability is a roadmap with no final destination, as there is always room for improvement. We believe that our journey has just begun, and we have so much to look forward to in the near future.  Whether it is investment in local communities, the promotion of environmental conservation, or supplying employees with an opportunity for growth in a supportive environment.  We at Falcon, are continually trying to identify, simplify and enact the endless opportunities around us. So, join us and be the change. The world needs it!

P.S: Are you familiar with B Corporations?  If not check out this video, where the B Corp Anthem is extremely well illustrated.  Also, why don’t you look up your zip code and see what companies around you are a part of this sustainable movement? P.P.S: Read more about our B Corp certification here.