Hello and welcome to our corner of the internet! We are very excited to have you. Take a seat, relax and let us introduce ourselves. We were formed with a vision: to promote conservation of the Earth’s precious supply of fresh water while supporting sustainable resource management. For over ten years we have believed in creating a water conscious restroom. We aim to build awareness of the scarcity of the natural resources around us, one restroom fixture at a time. Over the past ten years of hard work, we have built something that is very valuable to us: a team. Our team. Or as we like to call it The Falcon Family!

To better explain who we are, what we do and what motivates us, let’s divide our vision into three pillars: SUSTAINABILITY, INNOVATION and HYGIENE.  Why pillars might you ask?  Well, these three words not only hold us up, but they support our efforts and keep us building for the future.  Because of the importance these pillars have in our foundation, they will also be recurring topics here – for they tell our story, and telling our story is why we are here, after all.

Between our new product innovation, website and everything else, sharing ideas and discussing opportunities is our top priority. We hope you will follow us on our journey as we write the new chapter in the Falcon story.